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Black Lightning Episode 3: An A.I.C Review

February 7, 2018

In this episode titled "LaWanda: The Book of Burial", we see a number of significant events. Jefferson's daughter Anessa is becoming confident with using her powers and accepting them as way of using them for her community of Freeland. We see her understand how they're triggered and gain control of them. 


The other daughter Jennifer finally gets out of her self medicating ways and begins to accept her role as a beacon of light for the youth of her community. Sadly as soon as she steps into this role while protesting the 100, her boyfriend and motivator is shot on the orders of Black Lightning's nemesis, Tobias Whale. The end result being that a promising young man who happens to be a gifted athlete destined to use his talents to achieve a positive future is left unable to walk again. Once again the writers do an excellent job of showcasing how good people can have their lives devastated in spite of making all the right choices. 


We are also shown that Tobias Whale reports to one more feared and hated than he, Lady Eve expertly portrayed by Grammy winning songstress Jill Scott. We see her penchant for manners and fashion as well as her merciless wrath. Interestingly, we are also shown the tension between Inspector Henderson and the pastor that leads the protest.


Their exchange highlights the 'pimp in the pulpit' vs. the 'sellout cop' that many in real communities are too familiar. However, as the story arc develops for both characters, while flawed, they are presented as individuals who are trying their best to empower the Freeland community in spite of all its challenges. This episode does a good job of placing the needs of empowerment of the community first and foremost in the minds of all. As with previous episodes, there are sexual topics that parents may want to pre-screen before letting their children view. 



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