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Trick Them Into Learning More With Reading Apps!

February 9, 2018


As anyone with a young child knows, iPads can be addictive for children. They seem to have some sort of special radar that lets them know when an iDevice is within their reach, and they’ll do anything they can to get their hands on them.

Sometimes it can seem that resistance is futile, but instead of lamenting excessive screen time you can make your child’s iPad addiction a productive one with educational apps, including those that promote early reading. With these 5 apps, children can learn how to write letters, improve phonics fluency, and even write their own books.


1.Aesop’s Quest


In Aesop’s Quest, Aesop the Ant reads through stories, revealing clues that help him in his quest. Little readers must remember important elements of each story to help Aesop along the way, developing reading comprehension and cognitive reading skills in a really fun way.



2. Super WHY!


There’s so much to love about this reading app. Featuring characters that many kids already love from the SUPER WHY! TV show, children can choose from several different activities that develop their vocabulary, reading, and writing skills. Letter hunts, tracing letters, rhyming, and completing sentences are just a few of the ways kids are engaged in active reading development in this app.



3. Reading Raven


Reading Raven is a beloved reading game app for the iPad. A favorite of teachers and even Apple staff, the Reading Raven is a fun reading adventure guide offering excellent features for kids, teaching phonological awareness, full sentences, and even printing skills.




4. Reading For Details


Reading for Details is a great app for helping kids build reading comprehension skills. Students read passages, then test their understanding of the who, what, why, when, and where at three different levels of reading difficulty.




5. Story Patch


Teach students about the flow of stories by helping them to create their own. Story Patch for the iPad makes it easy for children to create their very own picture books. Customizable characters, hundreds of illustrations, and built-in story themes make this a very fun and engaging reading and writing app. 




So the next time your students or children get an itch for playing with their favorite smart phone or tablet, send them to the app store to download one of these apps and trick them into learning more by combining the two things they love,...apps and fun! They may not even notice they are learning..hint hint!


Share this with other parents and educators and let us know what apps you have downloaded. Visit our social networks, we love hearing from you!















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