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Young, Gifted, and Future Black Engineers

October 25, 2018



In Houston,Tx, The students of Muhammad University of Islam in Houston enrolled in a four-week STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Camp where they acquired skill sets engineers use in the development of new technologies.


The kindergarten through third-grade learners built models that included a robotic water pump to highlight an in-depth understanding of the water cycle. The pump was programmed to move clean water (blue LEGO pieces) throughout their Aqua Adventure model. Additionally, they designed a pulley toy.

The learning did not stop there; the 4th-8th graders programmed a robot to complete several Mars missions. One of the difficult challenges posed to students was to rescue the Mars Rover from a sand dune. Each group paired to solve the problem and completed their mission successfully. These learners also designed an electric motor boat. The project culminated with a robotics competition where first time participant Savant Williams brought home a third-place prize.

The 9th-12th grade learners advanced to the highest level of the camp where they worked in the programming languages of C and JAVA. They learned to fly drones and how to convert an electrical signal into a digital signal on a robot.




During the final week, all the students explored food science, particularly how to engineer food products. Students developed a new Cola formula and investigated physical changes of how a liquid transforms into a solid by making ice cream. Their learning experience also included a visit to Space Center Houston where they experienced Virtual Reality (VR) technology.


This summer camp was a blending of theory and practical application of STEM-oriented experiences. The goal was to plug a leaky STEM pipeline for young, gifted, and Black learners. These encounters are designed to increase the number of our children entering college STEM majors and nation-building careers.


Muhammad University of Islam in Houston 2018-19 school year curriculum will focus on teaching and training our students to develop future technologies and create the enterprises required to market and distribute them.


“At MUI–Houston, we promote ‘God-centered STEM,’ which focuses on developing 21st century technologies that show proper respect to the Creator and His Creation,” according to MUI Director Dr. Chejuana Muhammad.


She added, “Our technological thrust will not be limited to MUI students alone. With the collaboration of community partners, such as Dr. Dee Wallace, MUI will recruit area students to learn robotics in after school and weekend workshops to compete in regional and national robotics competitions.”


“MUI is the place where truth and technology meet to teach students righteousness and robotics,” said Southwest Regional Student Minister Dr. Abdul Haleem Muhammad. “In the future, our MUI students aim to rename their city ‘Silicon Bayou: Houston, Texas!’ ”



Curated from a submission by Student Minister Dr. Abdul Haleem Muhammad. Dr. Chejuana Muhammad and Dr. Dee Wallace.

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